You're Never too Old to Get Straight Teeth: Ortho Aligner Makes it Easy

You're Never too Old to Get Straight Teeth: Ortho Aligner Makes it Easy

It’s never too late to get straight teeth, but you might feel like you’re too old to deal with the hassle of a mouth full of metal. While traditional braces are somewhat of a rite of passage for kids, most adults shudder at the thought of getting braces — again, or for the first time. Thankfully, here at Mountain Peak Dentistry in Lakewood, Colorado, Dr. Brennan Bonati offers adults in the Denver area a more convenient way to get straight teeth with the ease of ortho aligners.

Orthodontic aligners are the easiest way to straighten your teeth.

If you could get the same results from custom-made, clear dental aligning trays as you can with traditional metal braces, which would you choose? As an adult, which sounds more appealing: painful, obvious, metal brackets or invisible, plastic aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth and practically disappear?

If you think the second option sounds totally doable, then orthodontic aligners may be an ideal solution to your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Today’s technology and materials make it possible to correct a number of common orthodontic issues with clear, plastic aligners. And aside from being invisible, so nobody will even notice you’re wearing them, perhaps the best part of wearing ortho aligners is that there’s a list of things you won’t have to do.

You won’t have to:

By making a simple commitment to wear your custom aligner trays for about 22 hours a day, you’ll have a straighter, more beautiful smile in just 6-18 months.

Ortho aligners make eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth a breeze.

Orthodontic aligners are easier than braces because you simply remove the trays to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. How simple is that? Wear your aligners while you sleep, then take them out before your morning coffee. Eat breakfast and brush your teeth as you normally would.

After that, pop your aligner trays back into place and go about your day. You simply take your aligners out for meals and put them back in when you’re done eating.

Whereas traditional braces often make it challenging to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy, ortho aligners make it easy to keep up good dental hygiene practices. You won’t have to brush or floss around metal and wires or run the risk of scrubbing your gums too harshly to remove stuck bits of food.

Ortho aligners gradually shift your teeth into their new positions.

You won’t experience the major discomfort you feel when you first get traditional braces, and nearly every time you go in for an adjustment. Because orthodontic aligners gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions, discomfort is minimal. Typically, you switch out a new set of aligners that Dr. Bonati had custom-made for your teeth every two weeks.

The series of aligning trays slowly move both your upper and lower teeth to correct common dental problems like:

Over time, you’ll look in the mirror and notice a dental transformation taking place. Once you achieve the results you desire, Dr. Bonati fits you with a custom retainer that you wear to help keep your teeth in place once you’re finished with the aligner system. After a while, you’ll just wear your retainer at night while you sleep.

If you have a tooth that’s shifted out of place as you’ve gotten older, or you’ve noticed that several teeth appear more crowded than they once were, you might be a candidate for orthodontic aligners. Find out if these nearly invisible dental appliances can help you get the straighter, more confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Call the Lakewood office during business hours to schedule a consultation, or request an appointment online anytime. It’s the first step to your new-and-improved smile — no metal required.

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